2018-2019 Staff

Kimball Kenning


My name is Kimball Kenning, I was born in Maine, and lived there for 10 years till I moved to Pennsylvania for 3. I enjoy playing rugby and camping. My favorite movie is Avengers: Infinity War.  

Alex Jenson


My name is Alex Jenson, and I love Mountain Crest! I enjoy all my classes, especially Seminary. I love Pixar movies, especially Toy Story. I love being outside. My brother and sister are awesome. If I could have any super power,...

Brayden Rigby profile


My name is Brayden Rigby. I'm a senior who loves all things MC, and I love being involved in sports. In my spare time I love to write, so writing about Mountain Crest is a perfect fit for me. Having older siblings, I've learned...

mercy meeker


My name is Mercy and I love to dance, explore, camp, and spend time with my family. My favorite color is blue. I'm adopted from the Marshall Islands. There are seven people in my family. I've got two older brothers and two younger...

Zion Coesens


I am truly the brightest apple in the bunch. I like to take long walks on the beach and at the end of the day I like to sip hot coco while I look at an inspirational poster of myself.



Hello, I am Sam Morgan. I'm a human. I do normal things. I like food, basketball, writing, reading, and music. My favorite musician is Kanye West. If you don't like Kanye West that's your opinion and I don't want to know it. My...

Rebecca Calderon


Hey, I'm Rebecca. I was born and raised in Canoga Park, California with my older brother and little sister. I love reading and watching any show that crosses my path. I own a cat and a dog, who love to play together most of the...

Saylor Funk


Hello my name is Saylor Funk. I love the summer season because I love to ride four wheelers and go camping. I love to sing and do musicals. My favorite musicals are "The Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, "Love ...

Kenzie Kidman


Hi, I'm McKenzie. I love the outdoors and photography. There is an 18 year gap between me and my oldest sister. I prefer trucks to cars and I would rather be outside then indoors. There is an overall total of 10 people in my...

Alexandria Norton


My name is Alexandria. I am an artist. Some of my favorite things to do are paint, dance and write. My biggest dreams include moving to Spain and becoming a mermaid.

Cathiey Daree Bakering

Chicken feeder for my ducks

I'm the best, best person on this universe! Catch me on the Beauty Train! Cathiey up and out.