We Survived! (HALLELUJAH)

Photo from Google.

Photo from Google.

Saylor Funk, Writer

We did it! Barley. The seniors are graduating on the 30th. We are getting more Freshies. The freshman will be sophmores, sophmores will be juniors and juniors will be seniors. It’s weird to think. I have made it so far. I like to think I have some experience so here’s some tips on how to survive high school.

I know by now you’ve signed up for classes already but the schedules are not finalized. Make sure you’re getting most of your credits done in the first two years. You’ll thank me later. It will be hard but you can do it. You might be drowning, but think: your senior year, you will be able to graduate early and only have like three classes.

Make sure you have good friends. Sometimes you’ll think they are good friends but then they’ll turn out to be someone else. So just be prepared because people come and go. Also make new ones because it’s nice to get to know people.

Along with getting your credits done also take some fun classes. I took choir and newspaper which are a blast. In choir you do nothing but sing and have fun. Newspaper you can play poptropica and webkinz; just make sure to get your article done. And newspaper counts as an English credit and after two tri’s it’s an elective.

Be nice. I know it’s hard to be nice to someone who’s annoying or mean but you don’t know what they are going through. They could have a hard life at home. Don’t be the person to bring them down; be the one to bring them up.

Join clubs. I understand that you may not have time but you’ll make new friends and it can help with depression. This year I auditioned for magic and its gonna be a pArtY.

Don’t let people get to you. People can be annoying and mean but that’s life; you have to put up with it. Try to be the bigger person and stick up for people being bullied. Don’t be a bystander.

Lastly, do your freaking homework. Don’t let it pile up; you’ll regret it. Just like I am.

These are just suggestions; you don’t have to do them. I just feel like they help. I’m gonna be a junior next year so help me. Best wishes to the freshman.


Yours Truly,

Saylor Funk.