Girls’ Golf


mercy meeker

Recently I’ve noticed a sport that doesn’t get much attention so I decided to interview a couple girls and ask them a few questions:

Lexi Bair

What excites you about tournaments?

“Everything kinda excites me about the tournaments but especially when you get to your first hole and everyone is watching you tee off.”

How do you guys all bond?

“Personally, I think we bonded in our 5th hour going to the course everyday and just hanging out and having fun.”

What do you, personally, do to get better?

“Personally, I don’t have a 4th hour so I would usually head over to the course and start to chip and putt before everyone got there.”

Lyndsey Wall

What has been the most exciting thing about golf?

“The most exciting thing about golf is being able to meet and play with other girls from other schools and to be able to improve my game.”

How has golf influenced your life?

“Golf has influenced my life because I have met some of my best friends through golf and they are like a second family to me.”

What got you playing golf?

“I got into playing golf because one of my cousins is the coach and she kind of pushed me towards it, and also one of my friends, who is a graduated senior, pushed me to play as well!”

So there ya go folks! Go watch and support your girls’ golf!!!