Photo by Corey Youmans

mercy meeker

Tuesday night was a win for the Mountain Crest girls. In one inning, they got all the runs they needed in the game. These girls are competitive and will take advantage of any chance they can get. They were error-free while Logan had a couple errors, and that is when the Mustangs swooped in and stole their chance to try and take it back. I had the chance to interview Abbie Murray and Halle Maddock and ask them a few questions.

Abbie Murray:

What gets you pumped about softball?

“Knowing that I get to be with my teammates and that we can win if we all try hard enough.”

What motivates you to be better?

“The coaches motivate me the most because they can see the potential I have.”

What’s the team like? How do you all bond?

“The team is fun. We all bond by being goofy and weird. We bond because we all want the same thing and that is to win.”

Halle Maddock:

What do you do personally to get better at softball?

“Everyday after practice, I take my bat home and hit in the net off the tee. I try to focus on leg drive and swinging level.”

What motivates you to do better?

“I just love the game, so if there are times that I struggle, or even if I’m not struggling, I try to focus on one thing that I can do better. Playing time is a good motivator, and just wanting to get better also.”

What excites you about games?

“The thing that excites me is just knowing that I get the chance to get better and to improve. Also seeing my teammates.”

These girls work so hard to get where they are today. No matter the day, whether good or bad, they will still work very hard to improve and try and be better.