Region Choir!


Photo by Mrs. Lamb

Saylor Funk, Writer

On Thursday, April 18th,  Mountain Crest Choir went to regions and did FANTASTIC! We had a ton of energy and were pumped. There were some letdowns for us to improve on, for instance sounding too “girlish” and not being “intense” enough (according to the judges). But we can take those into consideration and improve on them for next year. As for now, though, we scored pretty highly. This year’s scores were:

Men’s choir: I, I-, I-

Women’s choir: I-, I-, I-

Mixed choir: II+, I-, I-

The way they score is different. They don’t score like 1st, 2nd, 3rd. It’s where 1’s are the best and 4’s are the worst you can get.

With most choir kids, music is a big part of their lives. I asked a couple of kids about choir and their thoughts are:

“Without choir, the world would be a mistake” -Jaron Lerohl

“Region was a great experience. Can’t wait to do it again next year!” -Saylor Funk

Choir is a great experience. We laugh, sing and have a lot of fun in there. So come and join us next year we will welcome you with nice big hugs.