April Horoscopes

Image from Yorkshire Beekeepers Association

Image from Yorkshire Beekeepers Association

Rebecca Calderon, Author

Aries: Please go to bed on time; you’re gonna regret staying up so late in the morning.

Taurus: Don’t be mean to your parents; they just want what’s best for you.

Gemini: Treat yo’ self.

Cancer: Trust me, it’s better to finish your work and suffer now than to suffer later. Stop procrastinating!

Leo: Take a break and look at the stars; they’re pretty cool.

Virgo: Listen to some new music; maybe you’ll find your new favorite artist.

Libra: Make time for some friends this month; your mental health will thank you.

Scorpio: Channel your inner Joey this month; you never know how much it’ll benefit you. *How you doin’ *

Sagittarius: Bond with a cat.

Capricorn:  Go take a walk while the weather is still nice.

Aquarius: Sleep in on the weekends; you deserve it

Pisces: Start a new Netflix show.