Unicorn Store Review


Image from Netflix

Rebecca Calderon, Author

Brie Larson is on a roll and refuses to let anything stop her. With her directorial debut, Unicorn Store, Larson’s career couldn’t be at a higher point. The movie made its first appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival and now permanently resides on Netflix after its (not shocking) success.

The movie follows twenty-something-year-old Kit, after getting kicked out of art school, trying to rediscover how to remain true to herself while trying to adjust to a “grown up” setting. Frustrated with how her life is going, Kit finds herself working a dull temp job in an effort to prove that she can fit in with the other (more successful) adults.

Everything is miserable until she gets a mysterious invitation to The Store where they claim they have the answer to all her life problems: a unicorn (yes, you read that right). The Salesman, Portrayed by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, sends Kit on a mission to make herself (and her lifestyle) worthy of a pet unicorn. She embarks on a journey to prove herself worthy and makes a few friends along the way.

The movie was directed beautifully, and it knocks you over with a wave of nostalgia that hits you right in the heart. While the plot itself was a bit of a shock (See: Unicorn) it was definitely a fresh breath of air in place of typical coming-of-age movies. You’re left with a strange motivation to find your life’s purpose once the movie is done.

Samuel L. Jackson gave a very whimsical performance as The Salesman and was just overall amazing (as usual). Brie Larson also gave a very convincing child-like performance as Kit, which is quite different from her usual roles; but she was able to make it work nonetheless.

I was in a whirlpool of emotion and I think that’s what made the movie so great: the fact that it shows you that it’s ok to just be yourself, no matter how much glitter is involved.


Final Rating: 9/10, I cried so much that my eyes were puffy.