Captain Marvel Review

Image from Wkipedia

Image from Wkipedia

Rebecca Calderon, Author

On March 8th, Marvel finally released Captain Marvel. The movie itself had gotten a lot of undeserved criticism long before it’s release, and I’m here to tell you that all those people have definitely been proven wrong.

The movie centers around Carol “Veers” Danvers, and her unexpected trip to earth. When Carol gains unexpected powers, the Kree general takes her in and makes her one of them. With no memory of her previous life on earth, she has to find out for herself what’s real and what isn’t, all while kicking Skrull butt. She teams up with well-known characters such as Nick Fury and Agent Coulson to find out the cause of the Skrull’s particular interest with her and earth all while finding bits of her old life on the way.

The movie gives so much background as to who Carol is and why she’s so important to the upcoming Avengers movie in the best way possible. We’re shown reasoning to many things that we didn’t know before, like the reason Fury’s eye is missing or how the Avengers got their name. It was also done in such a fun and slightly shocking way that really reels you in and leaves you wondering what else haven’t we been told.

There’s also so much representation in the cast and crew. With Anna Boden co-directing, six women co-writing the script, and Lashana Lynch playing Maria Rambeau alongside feminist Brie Larson, it’s no wonder there’s such a Girl Power feel to the movie. It empowers women in such a way that leaves an adrenaline rush that won’t go away for hours. It radiates a sense of realness that no other superhero movie can give.

Carol is shown to be alien but also so human at the same time. She doesn’t always win, she’s constantly belittled and put down, yet she always seems to be able to dust herself off. Brie Larson truly gives an amazing performance and really was able to give feeling into who Carol Danvers really is. We’re also shown a side of Nick Fury that we haven’t seen yet. He’s comical and two-sighted and really gives a completely different impression on who Nick Fury used to be. We’re shown his vulnerability with Carol that wasn’t given to any of the other Avengers.

The plot really captivated me and had many unexpected twists that will leave you shocked. While some people might’ve found it to be too much, I personally loved this movie and would 100% go see again if I had the money too.


Final Rating: 10/10, and would die for each and every one of the four cats that played Goose