The Wrenching Tale of Saylor’s First Day Back at School

Idk what this is. Photo by Saylor Funk.

Idk what this is. Photo by Saylor Funk.

Saylor Funk, Writer

The best school week of the year is sadly over. You either are coming back from an exciting trip to Hawaii or from sitting at home. Saylor had a fun weekend with her friends and ate like trash but that’s fine. They were gonna do homework. Do you think that happened? No. She also didn’t do it the rest of the week either. So pray for her. With that in mind, here is how she recovered from spring break.

So the week after spring break could either be really stressful or carefree. It all depends on if your parents are attending parent-teacher conferences or not. Which, lucky for Saylor, they are not and she shouldn’t be stressed but…she’s is. Mainly because she still wants her grades to be good and all she did for spring break was watch Friends. Is she mad…no. Should she be, probably. But that was time well spent. Sort of. Anyways, getting back on the topic. She strives to get all of her missing assignments in by Friday. In order to do that, she assigns one class per day depending on her list.

While trying to stick to that plan, her procrastination kicks in. “Oh No, ThE eNeMy!” Saylor cries and she is trying to write her article. She can’t focus so she’s writing this trash thinking “how is DeMonja going to react to this weird crap?” Later as she’s texting her friends, she thinks, “I should really get back on topic.” After about thirty seconds of silence, she finally decides to stop rambling on about nothing.

Now back on topic. After spring break it’s hard to get in the groove of things. For instance, waking up early. “Getting up at around six after a week of sleeping till noon is hard ok,” Saylor said with tears running down her face. Waking up was already a struggle for Saylor. She didn’t handle the situation very well. Let’s just say it was a disaster.”Oof,” she replied.

So you know how during spring break people shut off their alarms? Yea, guess who didn’t turn hers back on the night before school? You guessed it; Saylor. Luckily she has a younger sister who hates being late. Who definitely came in handy when Saylor sleeps in 15 more minutes than she is supposed to. As Saylor is slipping up the stairs, trying to get out the door, she realizes that she forgot her phone in her room that she locked. “Yeah that was an adventure,” she says, trying not to cry while finding a bobby pin to unlock her bedroom. “Finally!” Saylor screams, waking the whole neighborhood. She finds a bobby pin. She unlocks her door, grabs her phone and scurries to the bus stop so she won’t be late.

Saylor skurrt skurrted down the street so she wouldn’t miss the bus. Morning one complete. “The bus was a nightmare!” she cried while realizing she forgot her headphones, the one thing that keeps her sane with annoying children everywhere. The drive to school was long and boring but she persevered. At last, she made it to school. Saylor strolled into newspaper class, just to sit and play on her phone in the dark because her only friends haven’t arrived. While scrolling through Instagram one by one, her friends walk in. Each one more depressed than the other.

All hour Saylor and her three friends sat in the dark and came up with some bomb article ideas. Yes, this one. Fantastic, right? They sat and talked about the weirdest things and probably played Poptropica and Webkinz. As first hour came to a close she became sad, but shortly after she remembered she had choir for flex and all was right with the world. Choir is Saylor’s favorite class. Mainly because all she has to do is what she does best…sing.

The rest of the day wasn’t important and dragged on because Saylor decided that it was smart to stay up till 2:00 am. “That was the best choice I have ever made,” Saylor replied in a very sarcastic voice.

The day sucked. She barely made it. Now she just has to survive till summer. Wish her luck. The end.