Drill Team


mercy meeker

Hey kiddos, so there’s a thing called a Drill team. If you don’t know what it is, it’s the dance team for our school and if you love to dance, I suggest you do Drill. I really think it would be a good experience for anyone to do it. But it does require dance experience and you would need to know the dance basics. Drill competitions are seriously the best thing, because you go down to where the competition is being held and watch other schools perform and it’s really unique. Since our school is 4A, we compete against all the 4A schools in the state. Competitions are all day and after the long day of watching teams dance, there are awards. Then for regions competition, it’s for whoever is in your region. It’s a year-round sport. It probably sounds super hard and long but I can promise you, if you try out for drill team you’ll have the best experience. If you are planning on trying out for Drill this year, try-outs are March 26-28th. Come and try out for Drill! It’s super fun and amazing!