Student Spotlight – Greydon Durrant


Portrait by LifeTouch

Kenzie Kidman, Writer

Recently I have noticed that at Mountain Crest, we have a lot of spectacular students who do a lot of amazing things or who are very hardworking, but who sometimes go unnoticed. So I decided to change that and start to shine a spotlight, if you will, on these amazing students, starting with one student whom I have noticed (during physics 😂) works very hard and is in the presidency of a couple of clubs and is also a sophomore, which made me realize how hard he works because I’m a sophomore and I am not that accomplished. So this week I decided to shine a special spotlight on Greydon Durrant.

1. What would you say is your biggest achievement?
“At this point, I think my biggest achievement is my 4.0 that I have been able to maintain since the beginning of high school up until this point.”

2. What are your plans after high school if you have any?
“I would like to go to medical school after I graduate, with hopes to become a clinical geneticist.”

3. What clubs are you in and what is your role in them?
“As of right now, I am the Congressional Debate Captain on the debate team, the Vice President of HOSA, and a delegate on the Model United Nations team.”

4. Which club would you say is your favorite and why?
“Probably Debate, but I love all of them! Debate probably wins because it requires more of my time, and is where I met many of my closest friends.”

5. How many awards or competitions have you won?
“In Debate I have won four 1st place awards, three 2nd place awards, and one 3rd place award, as well as a few lower placings.
In Model United Nations, I have won three 3rd awards, and two 2nd place awards.

6. What is your current GPA and how many times have you made honor roll?
“It’s a 4.0. I’ve been on the honor roll all through high school so far.”

7. How much work would you say you do in a week?
“It varies from week to week, but I usually spend 8-10 hours on homework and such.”

8. With all that you’re doing, how do you find the balance?
“I have some fantastic friends and family to hang out with, and a lot of the work I do is for stuff that I really enjoy.”

9. What motivates you?
“I’m pretty competitive in most cases, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. It also doesn’t hurt to have a mom who cares about my grades as much as I do…”

10. Do you have any advice for people trying to get better grades or trying to accomplish more?
“Procrastination will destroy you. Budget your time and make sure you take a break once in a while. Plus, It never hurts to get on your teacher’s good side.”

11. What would you say has helped you the most?
“Probably the support of my friends, family, and teachers.”

12. What is the next thing you want to accomplish?
“I’d really like to maintain my 4.0 for the rest of high school, and eventually get some good scholarship, but we’ll see.”

13. How similar do you feel you are to Mith’raw’nuruodo?

(This is really a question from Mr. DeMonja because Greydon is the only other person who has read the same Star Wars novels as him.)
“Not nearly as similar as I’d like to be! Unfortunately, he’s far more rational and pragmatic than I am. Also, he has a whole fleet of Star Destroyers while I don’t even have one.”

14. Is there anything you want to mention that is not in the questions?
“I want it to be known that Kenzie made me do this, and that I am not really this arrogant in person.”

Welp, I totally don’t feel like trash after seeing how much he does–nope, not at all. Well hopefully some of you get inspired by this and try to be the best versions of yourself. I am definitely going to start trying harder now and I hope some of you guys do too. Anyways I’m going to go cry in a corner now over how trash I am so, if any of you two people who read this know of amazing students who deserve a special spotlight let me know.