How to study

Picture from pexels

Picture from pexels

As the end of the trimester is approaching, everyone has at least one final to study for! Here are some great tips for studying!

When to study

It is a proven fact that teenagers retain information better by studying the night before. It is better for our brains to cram in a bunch of information either the morning of, or night before, the test. But it is still a good idea to look over your notes a week prior to the test.

How to study

There are many different ways to study and each individual person studies differently. Here are some ways you or others around you might study.

-Study with a group. Many people study better with their friends present.

-Rewrite your notes.

-Use flashcards. There are also great resources that your teacher can give you. Ex: Quizlet.

-Re-read your notes. This is generally the normal.

-Youtube videos are a great resource.

Her are some great ways to study. Comment down below and tell us how you study!