Student Showcase – Lexie Smith


Brayden Rigby, Writer

There is no doubt that Lexie Smith has a talent for poetry. She understands how to create intriguing poetry that can evoke certain emotions. These powerful poems were written in Mrs. Feinauer’s creative writing class, and she was willing to share them with me.



I Look in the mirror

Is this really me, I see?

Is this who I am?

A soul trapped in a body,

Trapped in a cage?

Is this how they define me?

What am I?


The mirror reflects me

But is this really me?

But is this really me?

Am I a human

Or am I a wannabe?

Why is this all confusing?

What can’t I simply be?


Am I who I think I am

Or am I what I see?


Is this what I really want?

Why is this so hard?

Can’t it just be simple?


With all these roles

Can I be something more?

What if I’m just faking,

It’s all in my head?

I think I know

But doubts are still there.


The real question is

Who am I?


The next poem by Lexie is a Found Poem from To Build a Fire by Jack London. Found poetry pulls words or phrases from other sources and then rearranges them, sometimes resulting in an entire new meaning.




No one to talk to

There was

no sun

no sun

no sun

no sun

It was weakness

Indescribable darkness

It was Ice

skin breaking

Deepest part unbroken

Forced into weakness

no sun