How to Procrastinate Doing Your Homework


Photo by Saylor Funk

Saylor Funk, Writer

Procrastinating is something I do very often. Some would say I’m a pro. Not to brag, but I kind of am. I don’t do my homework ’till the night before it’s due, and sometimes my anxiety is shooting through the roof, but that doesn’t matter because I spent my time doing better things. Here’s a list of things I do instead of homework.

  1. Have a spa day. Paint your nails, do your hair, use a bath bomb and a face mask. Just do anything that has to do with taking care of yourself. It’s better than homework.
  2.  Sit and do absolutely nothing. Doing nothing is a skill I have mastered. It’s also called meditating but my way is different. I lay down and look at the ceiling and think about all of my problems and the work I should be doing, but am not.
  3. Actually, do your chores. For example, I will clean the kitchen and make my mom happy. In desperate measures, I will clean my room which I never do because I am always to busy doing other things on this list.
  4. Sometimes I’ll go into the computer room with the intent of doing my homework but I wind up playing either Webkinz or Poptropica. Both games are really fun and are still better than homework.
  5. I will go to town with my mother. So I will either go grocery shopping or run errands with her. Both are great, especially running errands because that takes longer.
  6. Just do anything you want other than homework.

After you have done all the procrastinating possible, you should actually do your homework. Try not to get behind because getting caught up is a pain in the behind. So just do your homework.