Kim Possible Movie Review

Picture from Google Images. Image of the cartoon Kim Possible and Sadie Stanley.

Picture from Google Images. Image of the cartoon Kim Possible and Sadie Stanley.

Alexandria Norton

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As many of you might be aware, Disney is going through a phase. What is this phase? Disney is obsessed with redoing their old, cartoon movies and doing live action movies. The latest one they did was a live-action Kim Possible. The original Kim Possible was a TV series that aired on June 7, 2002. More than 10 years later, the live action movie came out. This movie was very cheesy and had an interesting plot. Two seconds into the movie I knew what was going to happen. The actor that plays Kim, Sadie Stanley, was actually fairly good and not too cheesy. But, as I was watching it I had to remind myself that it was a Disney Channel movie, so the cheese level would definitely be high. Kim’s sidekick, Sean Giambrone, was actually my favorite character. He was the perfect person for the role and played his part well. Others might also know him from his other roles which include: Adam Goldberg in The Goldbergs, The Eboy voice from Ralph Breaks the Internet, Shermy from Adventure time, and many more. The other characters in the movie were basically no-name actors that Disney probably picked off of the streets. Overall, Disney did a fairly good job with stunts, props, and actors. Even though the movie was not record-breaking good, it was decent and should be given some credit. After all, no other company would have done better. I would recommend this movie if you have nothing to do on a rainy day.