Winter Choir Concert: “The Rhythm of Music”

Saylor Funk, Writer

This tri’s choir concert was held on Thursday, February 21st in the auditorium. They sang a wide range of songs, from Africa to Riversong.


Three Madrigals…Emma Lou Diemer

i. “O Mistress Mine, Where Are You Roaming?”

ii. “Take, O Take Those Lips Away”

iii. “Sigh No More, Ladies, Sigh No More!”

Africa…Philip Lawson

Treble Choir:

Be Our Guest…Steve Delehanty

Ching-a-ring Chaw…Aaron Copland, Arr. Irving Fine

Riversong…Roger Emerson

Ain’t That News…Steven Hatfield

Featuring: Emma Scanlon

El Ritmo de la Noche…Jay Althouse

Mixed Choir:

Old Ark’s a Moverin’… Mark Brymer

Oh, Peter, Ring dem’ Bells… William Stickles

Ain’t That Good News…Moses Hogan

Featuring: Katie Killpack, Sage Greene, Alayna Navarro, Parker Smith

Voyage…Kenny Barron, Arr. John LaBarbera 

Flute: Megan Rasmussen


Afternoon on a Hill…Cynthia Gray

Heart of my Hearts…SPEBSOSA

I’ll Ay Call in by Yon Town…Mack Wilberg

My Wild Irish Rose…SPEBSQSA

I Am Not Yours…Z. Randall Stroope

These songs were so much fun to sing and put together. Next trimester we are going to regions and we need all of the voices we can get. Mainly in the treble choir. So please talk to your counselor and Donna Web (the flex secretary) and sign up. Help us beat Ridgeline!