”Magic”al Singing Valograms!


Photo by Karissa Rowley

Saylor Funk, Writer

Singing Valograms are a great way to tell someone that you like them, to do something sweet for your friends, or to just simply embarrass people. I do not have a Valentine this year, my choice was to embarrass my friends. It was fun for me to watch. I don’t know about them, but honestly I don’t care; it was for my own entertainment. Since I am such a good friend and embarrassed my friends, I decided to get a quote for the sake of this article.

“It’s sweet if it’s on the intent of being nice, but since my best friend is evil, she did it to embarrass me. It wasn’t fun, it was torturous and embarrassing. Worst of all she got it on video.”

Kenzie Kidman

Magic (Mountain Crest’s chamber choir) separated into multiple groups of four to deliver the valograms. You could choose between two songs for them to sing to your friend or boy/girlfriend.  The boys sang “My Wild Irish Rose” and “Love you, Honey, I Love You” and the girls sang “Harden My Heart” and “Little Eyes, I Love You.”