Single Awareness Day


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Cathy Dareee Bakering, Chicken feeder for my ducks

Valentines day is the greatest day of the year. For some people, it is a revelation that they will be single forever. For me, I revelazize that i am gorgeous and never have to be single. Every valentines day i have a line of boys lines up at my door. The way i do it you ask? well, it’s easy all you have to do is blackmail them. Here is an email i wrote to one of the quarterbacks the other day. He showed up with a bucket of chocolate and 3 dozen roses.

Dear Ryan,

As you may know, valentines is tomorrow. I have deep feelings for you. So deep that I cannot express it. So, if you do not be my valentine I will post that picture onto every single social media website I can. Keep in mind, I have over a million followers. Also, my favorite type of flower is the rose and I love milk chocolate and strawberries!

With love, 

Cathiey Dareee Bakering

So, as you can see, if you profess your love the man of your dreams will fall at your feet. There is no obstacle too big for a woman in love. For example, one valentines I ended up professing my love to Justin Bieber. He loved me so much he gave me a orange jumpsuit and a trip to Los Angeles. We are really close, so close he ended up giving me a bracelet that will tell him where I am at all times. In conclusion, i am the best and if you guys ever need my assistance, don’t ask. You can never be as good as me. Love is in the air, at least it is for me! Catch me on the Beauty Train! Cathiey up and out!