Orchestra Concert


Mercy Meeker

The Orchestra concert was a success. I had the chance to interview Jaci Cheney and ask her a few questions on how the concert went.

What was the funnest part?

“I think the funnest part of orchestra for me is the people that are in there. I love working with them because they’re all super creative and work so hard and it’s just super inspiring.”

What did you do personally to get ready for performance?

“Usually to get ready for performances I like to just run over my pieces and work slowly through parts I might be struggling with. Taking a piece section by section really helps to get the piece down and ready before we perform.”

In your opinion how do you think the concert went? Why?

“I think our concert went well! It’s super fun to have the middle-schoolers come play with us as well as playing with Mr. Yoder’s orchestra. Our pieces were different and fun, and I loved the solos and ensembles performed.”

What was your favorite part? Why?

“My favorite part about concerts is just being able to perform, quite honestly; it’s a lot different than just practicing in the orchestra room or at home! It’s so fun.”

If you are ever interested in joining the school orchestra, you can go talk to Mrs. Lamb or Mr. Yoder!