Mountain Crest Basketball Falls Short to Ridgeline


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Sam Morgan, Writer


Whelp, it happened again. You could hear, feel, and see the dismay. The basketball team lost, again, 63 to 45. 63 points are about how many UNLV put up against Utah State on February 2nd. It seemed like Mountain Crest was playing defense against themselves, so the offense was overthought. MC’s defense was solid, but Ridgeline just shot the ball well.

Mountain Crest got off to a good start, scoring 13 points in the first quarter. Although, the offense was carried by Kordell Welch, who had 10 points in the first quarter, accompanied by Austin Young who made one three-pointer. The second quarter was similar–14 points were scored. This time the offense was shouldered by Matthew Barber, who scored 10 points that quarter, followed by Austin Young with two, and Caleb Archibald with two made free-throws.

After the 27 point half, Mountain Crest scored only eight points in the third quarter. The scoring was more spread out this time, hence the eight points. Austin Young had four points, Matthew Barber had two made free-throws, and Marshall Nethercott had two points. Then, in the final quarter of the game, MC only scored 10 points: four made free-throws from Kordell Welch, Matthew Barber had two, Austin Young had two, and another two from Marshall Nethercott.

In conclusion, both Kordell Welch and Matthew Barber had 14 points, Austin Young tallied 11 points, Marshall Nethercott had four, and Caleb Archibald had two.

Mountain Crest lost by 18. Yet, somehow, they still put up a fight even when it seemed impossible to rally a comeback. That is the Mountain Crest spirit; we should all be grateful that they do not have a brittle spirit. This was a good loss to a good team. A lot of Mountain Crest’s shots just didn’t go in, but they spaced the floor well and had good drives.

Go, Mountain Crest!