Saylor Funk

Sydney Wursten holding her baby. Photo by Saylor Funk.

Saylor Funk, Writer

Babies. Small, little, delicate things that cry almost every second of every day. They cry at night. They cry in the day. And at least every thirty minutes they need to be fed. Also, they poop so that’s fun. They are definitely something you need to be prepared for. Luckily here at Mountain Crest High School, we have a class for that. That class is called Adult Roles. They prepare you for life. You even get to take home a robotic baby.

The robotic babies are kind of like the Baby Alive dolls, but they actually cry and need to be taken care of. To get more of a feel of the project, I asked Gabe Stokes (a student who participated in the project) some questions.

Q: Was this project difficult?

A: “Well, mine wasn’t too bad. It only cried like 15 times in total and only woke me up twice in the night, but I have talked to other people that said their’s cried like every 20 minutes so it just depends on the baby you were given.”

Q: What was the worst part of this project?

A: “I think that the worse part of the assignment for me, at least, was having to wake up during the night and try to figure out why it was crying.”

Q: What was the best part of the project?

A: “The best part was all of the weird looks I got for carrying a baby, and the weird looks got even better when they realized it wasn’t a real baby.”

Q: How did this prepare you for your adult life?

A: “I didn’t realize that it was such a hassle to take care of a crying baby especially in public. So it really opened my eyes to what it might be like to try and care for a baby while you are doing your day-to-day stuff.”

Q: Was it helpful?

A: “I think it was helpful, ’cause before I didn’t realize how important it was to support a baby’s head and now I know if the baby’s head isn’t supported right, they will be fussy all of the time and it also taught me that sometimes a baby just needs to cry and you can’t do anything about it.”

Q: Do you recommend this class to anybody else?

A: “I would recommend this class to everyone; it was such an easy class and it helps you prepare for not only parenting but just adult life in general.”

This class seems like it would be a blast. Can’t wait ’till I can take it.