Caprielles Make State!


Photo by Caprielle team

mercy meeker

On January 22nd the Caprielles went to region and performed to the best of their abilities. Starting off region with Military, then Dance, and last with Kick. They had a rough part in their Kick dance, but they still danced their hardest to make it to state. Military is an intense, hard dance to perform. To keep a mean, scary face throughout the whole dance takes a lot of breath and is hard, but not for the Caprielles. There Dance performance was unique and very beautiful to watch. Their outstanding turns and aerials wowed the judges, without any doubt. There Kick dance was a little rough at the beginning, but they ended it with an amazing performance so it was worth while for the girls to keep dancing. After all the teams performed, all the schools waited to hear the judges make their final decision for which schools were going to state. It was a long but fun wait. Placing 3rd in Military and Dance was a big guarantee that the Caprielles were making it to state. In order to make it to state you have to place in either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Hearing we placed 3rd place for state was one of the happiest moments for the Caprielles. They all cried out of happiness. It was a dream come true for the coaches. Thanks to the wonderful coaches, Courtnee Cartee, Sadie Barfuss, and Jaydee.