Eggs: Book Review

Alexandria Norton

Eggs by Jerry Spinelli was absolutely amazing. Just like his other books, Jerry has outdone himself. Most people know his book Stargirl, which was full of overpowering messages of self-worth and value. This book is even better. The story begins with a young boy named David. David has recently lost his mother to a slippery floor. Ever since then, he constantly follows rules and never strays from them. It is Easter, and David’s grandmother takes him egg hunting. After no success, David searches outside of the boundaries. When he finally finds an egg, he realizes it actually is laying on top of a body. At first he thinks this gorgeous girl he found is dead, but when he sees her again he realizes she is alive. Her name Primrose, a quirky 13-year-old girl. After a few weeks, these two individuals become the best of friends. While Primrose struggles with her psychic mother, David struggles without a mother. Their friendship is complicated and sweet until a fight breaks them up. David wonders if their sneaking out will ever restart or if he will ever see Primrose again. This wonderful book by Jerry Spinelli has you engaged until the end. His glorious writing inspires young readers and adults alike. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read, mostly if they have read any of his other books.