High School Musical: The Musical

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Image from Google Images

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For a while now, High School Musical fans have been waiting for a High School Musical 4. I am proud to announce that there is a new series that is going to be based off of the movies. However, the characters are completely different. For example, most of the original  cast will not be in the series whatsoever. Instead, there will be public auditions for each role. The story goes as follows: A group of high school students at East High put on a production based off of High School Musical. The website “Deadline Hollywood” explains this series in detail.  As I can imagine, there will be drama, love and hopefully original music. To be honest, this new prospect of a series trying to replace a movie of High School Musical is scary. When the first High School Musical came out, all of our lives changed for the better. What do you think will happen after this series is released? The good thing is, we already know who is going to play the lead role. Joshua Bassett, a Disney star, will be the face of High School Musical: The Musical. This series is very exciting and will take each of us on an unexpected journey. I hope we are all excited to see this new series in action!

‘High School Musical’: Joshua Bassett To Star In Disney Streaming Series Reboot


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