Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review

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Rebecca Calderon, Author

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Is it just me or are the shows on Netflix getting better and better? Technically Black Mirror isn’t a fully produced Netflix original but it is on Netflix. For those of you who have absolutely zero idea what I’m talking about, Black Mirror is a show where technology takes over and kills everyone at the end of each episode; it’s great. Each episode has a different story and really interesting plots and arcs, but I’m not reviewing the main show, am I?

Now that you know how cool it is, let me tell you that Black Mirror has officially stepped up it’s game, like, all the other shows need to get on their level asap. They made one of the first interactive episodes and it is the most I’ve been entertained in a while. 

The show is about Stefan Butler, a young game developer in the 80’s desperately trying to get his game through to a big company with highly praised developer, Colin Ritman. His game, Bandersnatch, is based on a book by the same name and story-line. They are both interactive choose-your-own-adventure stories (much like the show itself). While Stefan tries to get his game done by the set deadline, he also has to battle his inner demons and make decisions that will affect his life drastically. Let me tell you, I spent almost three days watching this episode and it kept me on the edge of my seat, even with my two-second attention span.

However, even the best shows have their cons, so let’s hear ’em:


Time management: It actually takes quite a bit of time to get through one of the endings, and by that time you’re probably either frustrated or so suddenly shocked that you have to go lie down for a bit.

Creepy transitions: Not so much of a serious problem, just something that made me massively uncomfortable. Whenever it’s time to make a choice, the camera zooms in on the faces of whoever’s in frame and the most intense music plays in the background. I’m assuming it’s to push out a decision faster, but it made me feel violated and unsafe which I guess is the point.

Perspective on life: This show has made me question so many things that I literally sat in my room staring at the ceiling for a while just contemplating life.

That’s it for the cons; now for the pros!


(I won’t go into complete detail for this because it would kinda spoil some endings.)

The story-line is amazing and really makes you think, I love the way it was put together, and the actors were all amazing.


Final Rating: 10/10, made me question what I’m doing with my life.




Someone made a flowchart that includes every ending possible on the show. In case you were interested, here it is:

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