Save The Kids


Photo by Alexandria Norton

Alexandria Norton

As we all might be aware, a special visitor came to our school first hour. Collin Kartchner, a social media activist, spoke at our school about his campaign, #SaveTheKids. His message has influenced so many students and parents alike. The main detail of his message was self worth. He had encountered many students who had mental illnesses because of certain accounts on Instagram. He kept referring to Instagram and social media in general as a “loaded gun.” He used this analogy because of the dangers of social media. He pointed out that Instagram could make people feel terrible about themselves, later leading to suicide and depression. Because of this, he encouraged students to be careful on Instagram and unfollow every account that makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy. He also encouraged people to give 8 hugs for 8 seconds every day. He is convinced that this is a step to a happy day. Then, he all made us hug the person next to us for eight seconds. It actually helped my day, and I believe he was telling the truth about everything. So, let us all thank him for giving us a laugh on a Monday morning. He truly is an amazing person.