What happens everyday


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Rebecca Calderon, Author

I’m sure the average day for the regular ‘ol high-schooler seems pretty much the same. In a brief summary, it should look something like this: Eat breakfast, go to school, work, go home, do homework, and go to bed. We hardly ever stop to think about other people. We hardly think, “How many people in my classroom are having a horrible day? How many people are having the best? Who here is living their life to the fullest and enjoying every moment and who isn’t?”

I think we should all take a moment to think about what goes on in the world while we’re preoccupied with our own lives. So what exactly goes on?

Well, my dudes, let me tell you…


– 365,000 babies are welcomed into the world

Person Holding Baby's Feet

-18 million people will be celebrating their birthdays

Yellow, Pink, and Blue Party Balloons

-Chickens will lay 190 million eggs

Shallow Focus Photography of Yellow Chick

-Our hearts will beat 104,000 times

Big red heart on dark background

-Each person will laugh at least 15 times.

Photo Of People Sitting On Couch

-We lost and replaced almost 45 trillion cells.

Pink Sphere Splashed by Green Liquid

-150-250 species of animals will become either endangered or extinct.

Selective Focus Photo of Brown Mokey

– Gas prices raise up to at least 18% somewhere in the world.

Person Holding Gasoline Nozzle

– 54,966 people get fired/quit their jobs.

2 People Doing Karate during Sunset

-182,000 people get hired at new jobs.

Close-up of Human Hand

-6,200 couples will tie the knot.

Selective Focus Photography of Wedding Wooden Sign

-About 8,767 dogs will get adopted into a loving home.

Yellow Labrador Retriever in Collar


-161,643 people will find the help they need and join therapy.

Photo of Men Having Conversation

-We will take about 23,040 breaths.

Woman In Brown Coat

-We take about 5-7,000 steps.

People Crossing on Street


-151,600 people die.

White Flowers

The world can be fascinating to think about when you take the time to look at it.



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Pets adopted

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