Mr. Mustang!


Photo by: Cooper Douglass

Saylor Funk, Writer

If you don’t know what Mr. Mustang is, don’t feel bad; I didn’t either. So when I decided to do an article on it, I was like, “What is this?” Basically, Mr. Mustang consists of teenage boys making fun of beauty pageants who fight for the beauty queen title. Logan Durham is the winner of this year’s pageant. Here’s what he had to say about it:

What was your favorite category?

“Favorite category would be the surprise challenge, which was the iron man competition.”

Logan Durham

What part of your performance do you think was the best?

“The iron man contest was my best part of my performance because I knew how to iron.

-Logan Durham

What category was the hardest to prepare for?

“The hardest thing to prepare for was the talent part because it took the most preparing for.”

Logan Durham

What one was the easiest to prepare for?

“The easiest to prepare for was the spirit wear because I knew exactly what to wear.”

Logan Durham

What performance other than your own did you like the most?

“I liked Braden Speth’s performance because he was a good competitor and had great talent.”

Logan Durham


Let’s give a round of applause to the other Mr. Mustang contestants:

T.J. Jensen

Ike (Isac) Isom

Nathen Lewis

Logan Durham

J-Dawg (Jacob Sloan)

Braydon Speth

Tanner Aston

Bryson Baxter