The Grinch Movie Review

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Kenzie Kidman, Writer

The Grinch (2018) movie, what I thought was–or was supposed to be–a remake of the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), caught my eye pretty quickly because I love the original Grinch movie, plus I figured my niece and nephews would love to see the movie that I always talked about just with a more “friendly” look, but as soon as I saw the movie I was sister-shook, and not in a good way. If you haven’t seen the movie then click away now, as for the rest of you, get ready for the sister tea to be spilt.

First off I still don’t know if it was a remake or just a different take on the Grinch, but if it was supposed to be a remake they failed miserably and if it wasn’t supposed to be classified as a remake, then why didn’t they change the name to something else, or at least make it clear that it wasn’t supposed to follow the original plot? Don’t get me wrong, they somewhat followed the original plot, enough that it wasn’t a different movie, but not enough that it was a remake, just enough that it was too confusing for me to classify, so for the sake of this review, I’m just going to treat it as a remake. First off the movie was good, but compared to the original Grinch, it was missing a lot of things from the original plot:

  1. Cindy Lou Who’s dad is missing, making her mom a single parent,  
  2. Instead of having two older brothers, Cindy Lou Who has two younger brothers.
  3. I don’t think Martha May Whoiver was in the movie, or if she was, she wasn’t the Grinch’s love interest.  
  4. Cindy Lou Who doesn’t try to help the Grinch in the way she does in the original, in fact she only sees the Grinch at the beginning of the movie and then doesn’t see him again until Christmas day.
  5. The reason why the Grinch hates Christmas is because he lived in an orphanage, not because Mayor Augustus Maywho and other kids bullied him in school.
  6. People aren’t scared of the Grinch or think he is evil, people actually like him and try to be his friend, other than just Cindy Lou Who, like in the original.
  7. They completely take out the “Holiday Cheermeister” award out of the movie.

Those were just some of the things missing from the original plot. There are probably a lot more, but those were just some of the bigger ones. Don’t get me wrong, I know that all remakes don’t have to follow the original exactly, but come on: they are almost two different movies that just use the same ending and characters. Personally, I’ll stick to the original but that is just my opinion, but hey, still watch the movie, if you haven’t already, and decide for yourself.