Athlete of the Week: Grace Barlow


Picture from Mercy :)

Mercy Meeker

This week’s athlete of the week is Grace Barlow. She is on the drill team and I had the great opportunity to interview her.

Whats the key to success in Drill? 

“A positive attitude helps with everything, and always doing your best.”

What is the team environment like?

“The team environment is united. We’re all super close and love each other so much and together pretty much all the time.”

How do you prepare for competitions?

“To prepare for competitions I try to stay real focused and practice like I want to perform. And we all motivate each other in different ways.”

What is advice you would give to other girls who wan to try Drill when they’re in high school?

“My advice for the other girls who want to do drill their high school years is have confidence and prepare for lots of hard work because drill is a little time consuming but it’s so fun. You make so many new friends and, for some girls, it can change the way they look at life, and it’s just real fun!”