10 things to do for Christmas!!

Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

Mercy Meeker

In order to be in the Christmas spirit you should:

  1. Make a Christmas playlist (put your favorite artist)
  2. Go out and buy a gingerbread house and decorate it with friends/family
  3. Drink hot chocolate by the fire while listening to music
  4. Tell Christmas stories
  5. Decorate EVERYTHING! (GO ALL OUT!)
  6. Watch Christmas movies
  7. Wear Christmas clothes everyday (especially fuzzy socks)
  8. Wrap presents
  9. Build a snowman
  10. GO SEE SANTA!!!
  11. Go sledding with your family
  12. Go out and look at Christmas lights
  13. Dye your hair red and green
  14. Make cookies for Santa
  15. write a letter
  16. Buy carrots for the reindeer
  17. Go ice skating
  18. Give someone a snow hug!
  19. Kiss your special someone under the mistletoe 😉
  20. Have a Merry Christmas!

There you go folks! There is a list of things you need to get into the Christmas Spirit!