2018 Sucked; Let’s Hope 2019 Doesn’t…

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Rebecca Calderon, Author

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December is an exciting month for many people. There’s Christmas, snow, winter break, hot chocolate, and most importantly, New Year’s. Within the next week, 2018 will (finally) be over, and lots of people use New Year’s as a gateway to bettering themselves. Well here are just a few things that can help make 2019 way better:

Start eating healthier

As someone whose daily diet consists of chips and soda, this sounds difficult and kinda vague. However, eating healthier can help tremendously, not only now but in the future. When we’re all old and wrinkly, everyone in the retirement center is going to feel tired and frail but not you. You’re gonna be living your best old person life until the sweet release of death.

Plan out a good morning routine

Waking up in the morning has to be one of the most difficult, yet important, parts of the day. It determines your mood for the day, so being prepared helps a lot. Start out by setting your clothes out the night before, so you can have a little extra free time before you come here to suffer for the next 7 hrs and 45 mins.  You can also make a playlist to keep in the background as you get ready. Skincare can also fall into this category, so keep your skin healthy because it’s the body’s largest organ and if no one had skin to cover their insides, we would be living in a nightmare.

Set realistic goals

We all write out our New Years resolution’s with the intentions of completing them, but we all know deep down that we won’t get as many as we hoped. So setting realistic goals can help lessen the disappointment you feel when you look at your list and realize you did nothing. I, personally, like to write out something I already did the previous year so I have at least one goal accomplished. Is it cheating? Yes. Do I care? Absolutely not.

Get rid of toxic people

Just get rid of them: people who put you down, make you feel inferior, or are fake. Life can honestly feel so liberating without that constant weight dragging you down. If it were up to me, I would just get rid of people in general, but I guess it’s important to have some form of interaction with someone or you go insane or something like that.

Just be yourself, my dude

2019 is the mark of a clean slate, so you can do anything you set your mind to. Chop all your hair off, experiment with different styles, dye your hair whatever color you want. It’s up to you, man. This year can be the year you start to feel more confident in yourself or the year you get all your assignments turned in. It’s really up to you to decide how this year goes, so try to make it a good one.


So yeah, let’s make this year a good one.


(Although, anything will be better than the mess that was 2018)

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