Horoscopes for December

Horoscopes for December

Kenzie Kidman, Writer

Aries: Don’t procrastinate; I promise you won’t regret it.

Taurus: Try something new; it might not go horribly wrong

Gemini: Don’t do it! Just know the elf knows.

Cancer: Go find some mistletoe. Who knows–someone may be waiting.

Leo: Stop stressing and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Virgo: Always follow your heart unless your heart is wrong.

Libra: Only you can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Scorpio: Remember you still have time to be on the nice list.

Sagittarius: The sum is only as good as its parts, remember that!

Capricorn: Have a candy cane; I heard they relieve stress.

Aquarius: Sometimes you have to fall in order to get to places you never thought you could.

Pisces: Try to do something nice for someone and who knows: you might just gain something.