Caprielles Take 1st at Their First Competition!


Mercy Meeker

This year the Caprielles have worked so hard to get where they are now with the help of their amazing coaches. Their outstanding work will show you right off the bat that they will kill it at any competition. They just had there first competition last Saturday at Davis High School. Working hard everyday till Saturday morning, they pushed themselves even harder to win 1st place in every dance. Placing 1st place in Dance/Jazz, Military, Kick and 1st place overall was a dream come true. The Caprielles haven’t taken first place in 5 years and this year was the year we would take first place. With all the hard work they deserve 1st place.

Our Mountain Crest drill team has worked so hard to beat other schools in our region. Not only have they worked hard, but they have good attitudes about anything; you can definitely tell because their attitude shows in their dancing. If you want to see them perform, then go down to Murray High School this Saturday and go support your DRILL TEAM!