French Class

Mercy Meeker

French class is a fun, learning environment for many students here at Mountain Crest. I got interviews with Abigail McBride and Jaycee Osborn and asked a few questions.

What do you like about French class? Why?

” I really love the people and the class because it is a good learning environment and everyone seems to enjoy it.” -Abigail McBride

How do you think French class has influenced your life? 

“It has made me want to go to France and learn the culture.” -Abigail McBride

Why did you decide to take French Class?

“I wanted an easy class but turns out to be very hard. But it is a very fun class with very fun people.” -Jaycee Osborn

How has this class influenced your life?

” I now want to pursue a career in language.” -Jaycee Osborn

Why do you think other students should take this class?

“I think other students should take this class because Mr. Basset is super chill and makes French fun.” -Jaycee Osborn

After asking these questions, it kind of encouraged me to take French Class. These classes have influenced so many students’ lives, and hopefully will influence many more in the future. Thanks to Mr. Basset; he has a done a wonderful job teaching French Class and has inspired many students to learn more about the culture.