Marching Band


This year the band did a marvelous job competing. Brinley Larsen tells us a little about the marching band:

Why do you like marching band? 

“My cat is golden like a beautiful, shiny, majestic saxophone and I love my cat, so I was like ,I’m gonna play the sax out of respect of my cat.”

What got you into playing the instrument you play now? 

“As long as it takes for my cat to use the litter box. One time, it took all night long.”

What are competitions like? 

“Competitions are like spending a nice evening with my cat, eating popcorn and watching Cats the musical. ”

The Marching Band works hard everyday to accomplish their goals. Band camp helps them become better so when they perform they will know what they are doing. Especially for the freshmen who have never been on marching band. Band camp is about 72 hours in total, from sunrise to sundown, with only a couple of breaks. They work so hard and each time they perform, it’s better. Marching band loves to show so much school spirit at assemblies and games! Thanks to the marching band for everything they do for the school!