Student Showcase – Sadie Pratt


Brayden Rigby, Writer

I had the opportunity to talk with Sadie Pratt regarding her talent and love for creating art. She shared with me some truly creative and unique artwork. It is amazing to me how her art seems to come to life. After asking several questions, I concluded that despite her talent of creating unique and impressive art, she remains humble.

  1. How or why did you get into creating art? “I can’t remember a time where art wasn’t something that I enjoyed and spent time doing. I have a couple artists in my extended family that kind of helped me grow my love for art.”
  2. How would you describe your art? “A way that I would describe my art is expressive and meaningful. It may not always look the best, but I love displaying colors and objects in a way that speaks to the eyes.”
  3. What is your favorite thing to create? “I haven’t found a favorite thing to create yet so I keep exploring different things that I’m interested in.”

Indeed, her art is undoubtedly expressive and meaningful. I’m glad I had the opportunity to talk with her, and I am certain her incredible talent and love for art will continue to “speak to the eyes” of everyone that observes it.