California Is On Fire Again.


Image taken from ABC News

Rebecca Calderon

I’m sure you’ve heard about the constant fires that engulf California every few years. California has been the poor subject of most of these wildfires mostly because of its dry terrain and strong winds. Due to these horrible conditions, a set of raging fires sparked Thursday. The Camp Fire started in Butte County and has claimed over 138,000 acres and counting, 56 deaths, and 113 missing people. The Woolsey and the Hill fires both started in different parts of Ventura County.

While the Hill Fire is close to 95% contained, the Woolsey fire is nowhere near as close with only 47% contained. In fact, as of November 14th, 483 buildings have been affected and 2 lives have been lost, and the homes of many celebrities have also been destroyed.

The fire is currently inching it’s way past Calabasas, and very soon Topanga and Fernwood could be next. Air conditions are worsening by the second and more people are being evacuated from their homes. Here’s to hoping these fires can be tamed before more lives are lost, and a thank you to the brave fire and police departments for fighting one of California’s worse fires to date.