Fall Choir Concert


Photo by Cooper Douglass

Saylor Funk and Kenzie Kidman

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, the MC choir concert was held in the auditorium. They sang a variety of songs, from No Time to Homeland. Here is a list of the songs they sang:

Combined Choirs:

No Time by Susan Brumfield

Homeland by Randall Stroop

Treble Choir:

Bandyrowe by Susan Brumfield

Never Never land by Mac Huff

Takadamu by Sally Albrecht & Jay Althouse

Swing Down, Chariot by Barbershop Harmony Society

Old Dan Tucker by Shirley W. McRae

A Capella Choir:

Oh Susannah by Stephen Foster Solo sang by Ike Isom

How High The Moon by Stephen Zegree Solos: Isabell Halligan and Spencer Haslam

Who Would a Wise Man Be by Emily Crocker

Clap your hands by Nancy M. Roberts


Something to Beleive In by Harvey Fierstein, Solos: Emily Meyers and Ike Isom

O Notte by Randall Stroope

I Got a Home in a Dat Rock by Moses Hogan, Solos: Nathan Wiegman, Chris Doolittle, Carter Fielding, and Christy Morrel.

Trinity Te Deum by Eriks Esenvalds

Brauner Bursche by Johannes Brahms

Lamentations of Jeremiah by Randall Stroope

This was a fun experience to be a part of, and many great memories were made. Next trimester is Christmas Fantasy. Hope to see you there!