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Kenzie Kidman, Writer

Recently we found out about a seminary teacher, Brother Lee, who has a huge bobble-head collection and we wanted to find out more about it.  When Alex and I interviewed him, we found out some interesting things:

What is your interest in bobble-heads?

“I always thought bobble-heads were dumb. Then a student brought one for a lesson and I set it on my desk. Another student brought a second one because the first one was ‘lonely.’ After that, students started bringing them to me when they came from vacation.”

How long have you collected bobble-heads?

“About 20 years.”

How many bobble-heads do you have in your collection?

“At least 110. I may have forgotten to write down the last few.”

Which bobble-head is your favorite?

“I don’t think I have a favorite bobble-head. There are some that mean a bit to me–two are even older than me.”

Which bobble-head is your least favorite?

“Probably the duplicates of Chicken Little or Donald Duck because they came from McDonald’s happy meals.”

How often do you get a new bobble-head?

“I used to get them every week but now I get one or two per year.”

Do you have a preferred type of bobble-head?

“The heavy duty ones are worth more and are better.”

If you could design your own bobble-head what would it be?

“If I could design one, or a group, I would like one of my wife or of my kids.”

How do you feel about Thursday?

“I HATE Thursdays!”

I totally agree with Brother Lee on the Thursday thing, and I hope you enjoyed what Alex and I found out about one of the interesting quirks one of our teachers has.