Meet Cathiey!


Cathy Dareee Bakering, Chicken feeder for my ducks

Cathiey is an amazing human being, she is the best person alive and she gets all the boys. She is a Victoria Secret model, a model for many plastic surgeons, and she models dog costumes. Her favorite accessory is 6-inch gold hoops. She donates to the local beauty salon every week and babysits her own pooch an hour a week. She believes that every young girl should have the opportunity to get plastic surgery. She believes this because of her background. When she was younger, her parents were rich like billionaires. Then one day, her father gambled half of their money away. Then they were only millionaires. She was sleeping on the streets, begging for food from her cook.  This was until an old lady (also known as her grandma) gave her money when she passed away. Her grandma wished Cathiey would give the money to the poor, but Cathiey used the money to get a full-body makeover. Her life was changed forever after that makeover. She had confidence and she gave speeches to the ugly. Her most famous speeches include: “I’m Better Than You”; “Bye”; and her favorite, “I’d Give You a Nasty Look But You Already Got One.”  These speeches helped young people around the world know their place. This is Cathiey! Catch her on the beauty train. Cathiey up and out.