Tales From Newspaper: Janine and The Catastrophic Catastrophe-Part Two


Janine fell into the darkness and landed on a soft pillow. “What the heck” Janine said sitting up and shaking her body. She fell into a dark, underground hallway with a door at the end of it. Light peered out the cracks and muffled sound came from behind it. When she crept towards the door and peered through the crack, she saw as huge computer screen with a video playing on it, and a chair was placed in front of it, with two pointed ears poking out the side. Slowly she opened the door and stepped inside, making sure not to make a sound. Whatever was sitting in the chair was a noisy eater, because a loud crunching sound was coming from the chair. She tried to creep around the chair to get a better view of the person sitting in it, when she stepped on some cat food, causing a loud crunch to echo across the room. The chair spun around revealing a a small cat with huge ears and an eye patch. Janine’s heart began racing as the cat glared at her and said ,”Who the heck are you?”

“My name’s Janine and this is Daisy,” Janine said, lifting up Daisy, “and might I ask who you are?” The cat jumped off the chair, crumbs tumbling off his chest, “My name is Fredrick, the smartest mind in all of France.”

“You’re Fredrick!” Danine said. “I’m supposed to deliver some cat food to you.”

“Ah great,” Fredrick said, smiling. “I will send someone to go pick it up.”

They sat in silence for a moment until Janine finally said, “So that will be forty Euros.”

“Ah yes,” Fredrick said. “Well, because of the recent incident, I see no reason to send you any money.”

And why’s that?”

“Because I’m going to have to kill you.”

“What?” Janine said, taken aback.

“But why?”

“Because,” Fredrick said in a this-should-have-been-obvious tone, “you saw my evil lair.”

“Evil lair?”

“Yes, my evil lair, and I’m going to have to kill you now, so you don’t tell anyone.”

Fredrick pulled a remote control out and pressed a big red button. Just then two doors opened up on the sides of the room and ten robots came out. “Destroy! Destroy!” they yelled, chasing after Janine. She turned around and darted out of the door towards the way she came in. “Dang it!” she yelled at the dead end. She looked up at the exit and began looking around for a way to escape. The robots darted towards her yelling, “Destroy! Destroy!” Without thinking Janine jumped and began scaling up the wall. One robot reached out and snatched, just barely missing her tail as she climbed out of the hole just in time. She slammed the trap door shut and sat down, breathing heavily. “We’ve got to go, Daisy,” Janine said, running back to her truck and jumping in. “No one is going to believe this.” She started the car and drove back to her bakery.