Tales From Newspaper: Janine and The Catastrophic Catastrophe-Part One


The story you are about to read is real. Not that it really happened, but that it’s real in the most tucked away corner of our minds. These are Tales from Newspaper.

Janine wiped the sweat out of her eyes as she popped in the last batch of cat food into the stone oven. Janine was a starfish, more specifically a dog. She was thirty (in dog years) and she wore the same blue shirt every day. She lived in the city of Paris above her bakery with her best friend Daisy. Daisy was…well…a Daisy. At night she lived inside a blue vase that sat underneath a lamp in her room and during the day she sat underneath the window down in the bakery.

Janine had a huge order to fill for a cat named “Fredrick.” She didn’t now anything about him, just where to deliver the cat food. “That took longer then expected, thought Daisy.” She looked over at the drooping Daisy underneath the window. “…Yeah,” Janine walked over to the timer and turned it to fifteen minutes. She then walked over to one of the chairs in the waiting room and began to read a book called “The Adventures of Timothy the Cat”.

When the timer dinged she placed the book down and walked back over to the oven. She put on some oven mitts and pulled the freshly baked cat food out of the oven. She then poured it into a bag with the logo of her bakery on it and sealed it up. Janine threw the tray to the side and took off the mitts. “Alright Daisy, we’re going on a trip.” She grabbed the bag and took it outside to her truck, throwing it in the back. Then she walked back inside, grabbed her keys, grabbed Daisy, and left the bakery locking, it up.

Janine followed the directions given to her and she was led to an ally way in the middle of Paris. Janine sighed and grabbed Daisy, climbing out of the truck. She walked down the ally way, looking around for any sign of a home. She was about to leave when she noticed a cardboard box propped up against the wall. “Great,” Janine whispered, “I bet he doesn’t even have my money.” She walked over to the cardboard box and knocked on it. She waited and nothing happened. Janine then realized how stupid she must look right now knocking on a cardboard box. She bent over and looked inside. The only thing inside was a small pillow. “Maybe he’s not home,” Janine thought. She sat there thinking about what to do when she noticed something underneath the pillow. Looking around to make sure that no one was watching her, she lifted the pillow, revealing a metal trap door. Janine lifted the door open, revealing a black abyss down below. She thought for a moment and then said, “Alright” as she jumped down the hole.

To Be Continued