Space Force: A New Nope


Meme by Sam and Andy Morgan.

Recently, Donald Trump, our President has decided to make an army for space. It’s called Space Force and the chances are that it might not work out. The reason is, well, it’s space and because it’s too expensive. Apparently, it would take 13,00 individuals to make Space Force. The Pentagon estimated it would cost $13 billion over five years to pay for Space Force and its employees.

By now you are wondering what the point of Space Force is. Well, like most armies it’s meant to win wars. Win wars in space. However, it wouldn’t be included in the Air Force. Trump said that they would be “separate but equal” but most people say that it would be tedious and unnecessary to have a separate cost as large as $13 billion. The AFA, or Air Force Association, is even disagreeing with having Space Force be a separate branch of the military, saying that air and space are “indivisible.” Even the Air Force Secretary, Heather Wilson, said that it is “a bold idea to dominate space.”

I suppose that’s the way the cookie crumbles with Trump as president. I hope I don’t get drafted in this apparent “space” war. Although, if Space Force gets passed by Congress, it will be part of the Air Force. Most likely the government won’t spend $13 billion on a war in space. In 1967 there was an Outer Space Treaty that prevents 107 countries from having weapons in outer space. Space Force is a bad idea. There isn’t a war in space and chances are we don’t want one.