Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

Alexandria Norton, Contributer

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Yoga is now offered at Mountain Crest! Taught in the Auxiliary Gym, Mrs. A. Cooper teaches yoga in a tranquil environment. Students who take this class are taught using calm music and a professional yoga instructor. The class is graded by participation and weekly reflection, given to the students to reflect on their inner peace. Many students that have taken this class have felt that inner peace, and some even reported that they were more flexible. When I asked Mrs. Cooper why she decided to offer yoga this year, she said, “It’s a fast-paced world, and we need to take time for ourselves.” She has noticed that when we take time for ourselves we are more mindful of our personal needs. This class offers a relaxing and peaceful environment, perfect for stressed students with hectic weekdays. According to Cooper, some of the benefits of yoga include “calmness, flexibility, peace, less anxiety, and [getting stronger].” With all of these benefits, Mountain Crest needs a yoga class. So, if you are a student that needs to let their hair down, Mrs. A. Copper advises, “Just start! Anyone can do it. Take time for yourself.”