MC Volleyball Game


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Volleyball on Wood Floor

Mercy Meeker

The Mountain Crest Volleyball girls have worked really hard this year to beat other teams, not only in our region, but from other schools down south. Each game they warm up with some good songs to get pumped up. They are really committed to their games and work hard each day. Volleyball is fun to watch, but there should be more people at the game supporting our girls.

Tess Henrie, a sophomore on the volleyball team who has been playing for five years, states, “The harder I work at practice the better I will perform in a game.”  Tess, who plays middle position and uses music to get pumped up before each game, is a very committed and joyful person.

Kaydee Hopkins is on the freshman volleyball team. She said that, “I am way excited for this volleyball season mainly because of my teammates. I love them and they are so supportive.” Kaydee looks forward to being a better player this season and seeing what this season will bring her. Kaydee enjoys being around her teammates.

Gracie Garlock is a sophomore for the volleyball team. One of her goals is to get in the top three in our region. Gracie started playing because she is tall and her mom put her in a clinic and she has started playing since then. She plays the right side hitter position. She states, “One thing that gets me pumped is rocking out to music with my team and just having fun warming up.” Gracie is a hard worker and is very positive.

The volleyball team is working hard this year to beat other teams. Not only do they work hard but they have great school spirit and have great sportsmanship.  GO MC VOLLEYBALL!