Five tips to make your school year amazing!


Alexandria Norton

Here are five students with their secrets on how to rock this school year.

1- The first tip is from Amanda Leishman (11th). She says, “Go to the sporting events and have school spirit at the assemblies.” She believes that this will encourage others to have fun, and you will be able to meet new people and make new memories.

2- The second tip is from Josie Platt (12th). She explained that the best way to have fun during the school year is to get involved. When you are a part of a club, or team, there are more opportunities to make new friends.

3- The third tip is from Brindi Nielsen (10th). She urges her fellow students to make friends with someone new. The best way to have an amazing school year is to make new friends and talk to new people.

4- The fourth tip is from Hannah Lott (11th). She states, “Try to be happy and positive and make a lot of new friends.”

5-  The final tip is from Tyler Norton (9th). His advice is, “Be organized and turn your work in on time. It will relieve the stress of good grades.”

These five tips could save you from a drastically boring school year, full of stress and homework. Follow these five tips and you will have the greatest year ever!