Netflix’s Disenchantment: Review


Image taken from the series

Rebecca Calderon, Writer

Matt Groening, creator of beloved shows such as The Simpsons and Furturama, has done it again…or at least attempted to.  His new show Disenchantment, follows alcoholic princess Bean and her new found friends, Elfo the happy-go-lucky elf, and Luci the quick-witted and sarcastic demon, on their quest to wreak havoc around their kingdom. I honestly expected more from someone who has created such successful shows in the past. My high hopes for this show diminished as I watched the first two episodes, which showed us how Princess Bean refused to get married to help her kingdom. This plot, however, was abruptly abandoned, leaving us confused as to how that pertained to the story. However, after watching the rest of the season, I liked it a little better and it might have potential.

TL;DR: This show’s first few episodes sucked, but it gets a little better as it goes on.