Smoke in Cache Valley

Zion Coesens

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Recently a lot of random smoke has appeared in Cache Valley, seemingly out of no where. But the truth is actually a lot less…random. According to Cache Valley Daily, not that long ago a record breaking fire that ended up in North Eden began traveling southeast of Cokeville Wyoming, and north of Bare lake, burning 13,763 acres! The smoke from the fire was then brought over to us by the storm on the 21-22 of August 2018. Now that Cache Valley is covered in a nice layer of smoke, what kind of problems could that be causing?

Well if you go over to the AIRNow website and click on forecast , you can see that Cache valley is currently in the yellow zone. You’re probably thinking “what exactly does that mean?” AIRnow describes the yellow zone as moderate, stating that “there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.” So is the smoke relatively bad? Not really; you may get a cough but nothing more. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge from this article, you can go outside knowing that you are not at any health risks (unless your “unusually sensitive to air pollution”) or you could just impress your friends with the superior knowledge of air quality. The sky’s the limit!



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