Region Choir 2018

Kenzie Kidman, Writer

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This year Region Choir was held at Green Canyon High School on April 19. Five high schools competed at the competition, Mountain Crest being one of them. The competition went from 3:30 to 6:30. The order of performances is as follows:

  1. Mountain Crest Treble Choir
  2. Ridgeline Treble Choir
  3.  Sky View Treble Choir
  4. Green Canyon Treble Choir
  5. Logan High Treble Choir
  6. Mountain Crest Mixed Choir
  7. Sky View Mixed Choir
  8. Ridgeline Mixed Choir
  9. Green Canyon Mixed Choir
  10. Logan High Mixed Choir

Pictures of the competition:


“My experience at the competition was definitely a good one. It was a ton of fun and being able to see the other choirs was cool.” – Saylor Funk (9th)

“Logan High is a very attractive choir, specifically the man with the fro.”         – Abby Wilson (9th)

“I feel like Mountain Crest did a fantastic job! It was nerve racking, but worth it! ” – Emma Scanlon (9th)

“When you try your best and know that you did your hardest, even if you mess up, you have found the path to happiness.” – Rebecca Lusk (10th)

“The best thing was the people and just to have fun together.”                            – Greta Schultz (11th)

“It was fun to be here and have fun with my fellow Mustangs.”                          – Aneisha Barney (12th)

“The best thing for an audience when you’re singing is to show you’re having fun.” – Random Freshman

“Don’t judge me, even if it’s good judging…it’s still bad.” – Random Junior

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Region Choir 2018